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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  December 7, 2011 11:30am-12:00pm PST

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vvg]closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc police raid the encampment at justin herman plaza and arrest nearly 70 overnight. the city says it made its move after communications broke down with protesters. good morning i'm kristen sze. and i'm sheryl sherr. mayor lee issued a statement saying the -- removal was necessary to maintain public health and safety. katie marzullo joins us with the story. >> reporter: police remain on justin herman plaza at this point the protesters have left the immediate area. early this morning officers moved in after a two month encampment and cleared it out.
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officers in riot gear moved in at 1 a.m. they gave a five minute warning to move or risk being arrested. >> cops were destroying everything in their path there was a group trying to get out they wouldn't let them out. they arrested me >> reporter: lee is making a documentary, this is some of his footage. he and others claim police got rough. >> i was thrown down by several to a concrete embankment and had my face rubbed with their knees into the concrete. >> reporter: the police chief says two of his officers were salted. two protesters threw a metal chair they were arrested foror felonies. 70 others were arrested for refusing to leave. ryan was one of them. >> no, i don't think it was fair. we've been working hard with the department of public works, board of supervisors, the city and they've been working with us. saying when they are getting to a point where a exchange needs to be made they would
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tell us. >> reporter: the occupiers and the city had been in negotiations to move to a vacant school on mission street. this morning mayor lee issued this statement: the city made a site available to the group. unfortunately, communication with the liaison team designated by occupy sf, deteriorated to a point where i was clear no progress could be may. he went on to -- it was clear no progress could be made. the chief engineer at the hyatt building says protesters vandalized a cafe during the raid. >> it is a total mess. not good for the city. it looks very pleasant i'm glad this is clear. >> most of the people in the neighborhood are also part of the 99% and they needed some relief. so this part of the 99% moved that part of the 99% to give the other part of the 99% some
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relief. >> reporter: the mayor's office can't say for sure whether they would allow the group to move to the mission district should the group now ask to go there. occupy sf has planned rallies for noon in the vicinity of justin herman plaza. katie marzullo, abc7 news. a few east bay families ar demanding answers from the producers of a popular tv show mythbusters when a stunt went wrong. they fired a cannonball and missed the target and slammed into a home, another roof and minivan. amy hollyfield is live with the closest look yet at the incredible damage. >> reporter: the families are still shaken this morning. the toddler that lives in the home behind me woke every hour last night pointing and crying. his family thinks he's traumatized. their home suffered the most damage. they are calling on the show
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to fix their home to make it look better than it did before a cannonball came tearing through. the family headed off to school this morning after a long, tense night. >> it was scary we couldn't sleep all night. >> reporter: the projectile from the show myth bust there's hurled through a dublin -- neighborhood landed inside this family's minivan. someone from the show has promised to take care of the damages. >> he came last night and apologized. >> reporter: the cannonball first hit a home on the other side of the road. investigators say they can't show the projectile but the homeowners gave us a glimpse of the shape and size of the metal ball. you can see where it entered the home. the bedroom it flew through. and the point where it exited. the family had no idea this was even a possibility. >> i didn't know this was happening here these kind of experiments happening. >> reporter: the experiments
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are for the show mythbusters taking place at the alameda county bomb disposal for the past few years. up to this point the sheriff's office has been happy to provide a place to test its theories. >> we support the fact he try to help kids and get them involved in science. >> reporter: now the bomb disposal is closed pending an investigation. he hopes it stays that way. his youngest son and wife were napping when the cannonball whizzed through, over their heads. >> they are taking so much safety measures they try this 50 times or something and then 51st time is bad you never know. the damage could have been worse, really worse. >> reporter: mythbusters is based in san francisco, no one from the show has returned our calls. officials at the sheriff's office say they don't know
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about the show's future. live in dublin, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. prosecutors have called off their 30 year battle to execute former black panther mumia abu jamal he was sentenced to death in 1982 for the killing of a white police officer in philadelphia. over the years the case ginned worldwide attention. accusation -- accusations of racism in the justice is tell this morning the philadelphia d.a. drop the death penalty a federal appeals court ordered a new sentencing hearing or reduce his sentence to life in prison. new poll finds governor brown's plan has bipartisan supporters among voters. 51% support the plan to reduce retirement benefits for new and public workers to increase the retirement age and have workers pay more.
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a propose is putting new workers on the hybrid 401(k) style plan the poll finds 41% think public pensions are too generous. 64% think pension reform should apply to new and current public employees. mcafee is laying off 250 workers, 3% of its workforce. the company has not said how many of the lay-offs will be in the bay area. intel bought mcafee this year for 7.7 billion dollars. mcafee officials say they are positioning the company to better compete with the industry leader. syria's president now denying he ordered a deadly crackdown on his own people. just ahead, his explanation of what happened in an interview with barbara walters. bitten by his own bug. the security flaw in facebook that has hit the company's founder.
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sear kwan president assad is denying having ordered a bloody -- syrian president assad is denying having ordered a bloody crackdown. he calls the up u.n.'s report of 4,000 killed not incredible. -- >> reporter: for the lead are of a country in so much turmoil syria's president
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assad appears calm, soft spoken and confident. confident he's doing the right thing for syria, the u.n. says more than 4,000 have died in the past nine months in an interview with barbara walters he distanced himself from the bloodshed. >> do you think that your forces cracked down too hard? >> they are not my forces. they are military forces belong to the government. i don't own them, i'm president. >> reporter: assad did admit mistakes have been made but doesn't feel guilty because he says he's doing his best to protect his people. few have been allowed in. amateur video, cell phone clips on line most sent out by the opposition which says they show syrian security forces killing peaceful protesters. assad says while some of the protests have been peaceful his forces are fighting militants, dug smugglers and terrorists.
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>> -- drug smugglers and terrorists. >> we don't kill our i'm. >> reporter: the president said we could travel wherever we want in his country. we were joined by a big police presence the birthplace of the uprising. people are terrified of speaking. i was able to talk to one man off camera who said the situation here is very bad there are arbitrary arrests in the middle of the night and in his words that many, many, many people have been kill. assad says he will step down when he no longer has the support of the people. for now he says they still support him. >> you can watch more of barbara walters' interview with assad tonight on world news with diane sawyer at 5:30 and night lynn right after our late news. >> -- "nightline" right after our late news. hackers were able to access and publish private
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pictures of founder mark zuckerberg facebook says the bug enabled anyone to look at recently uploaded pictures regardless of privacy settings. the company says it shutdown the affected part of the system and will restore it after the bug is fixed. kind of a chilly picture out there >> we'll have pictures of frost from around the bay area. we'll also talk about the other big story, the pollution hanging around. you can see the line between the pollution at the ground and the clear air above. spare the air, will it last through tomorrow into friday? possibly. plus, the surprising overruling on making the morning after pill available to young teenagers.
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the family of a toddler seriously wounded during a shot out is holding a news conference now. they want the hospital to give them more time before taking 23-month-old hiram lawrence off life support. he was shot in the head last week during a gun battle. his mother says she is confident he could recover with more time. >> i think that if hiram had more time to recover, and to
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come out he will make it and coming hope. i need everybody to pray and keep supporting us. >> at this point the hospital is not commenting on hiram's condition and the family's claims citing medical privacy laws. young teenagers will not be able to buy plan b pill without a prescription. currently only women 17 and older can buy plan b without a prescription. [ unintelligible ] health and human secretary kathleen sebelius overruled the fda saying she is concerned young girl was not understand how to use plan b without guidance from adult. americans are about to share their shivering. tomorrow states to maine will feel the rain and freeze from a cold weather system. tahman bradley shows us where it has been and where going. >> reporter: the east coast is
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bracing for a blast of winter. snow and rain pushed through western and central states now threatens to strike several major east coast cities across the southwest residents are digging out after snow shutdown interstates and closed schools. in roswell, new mexico christmas arrived early. >> i love the snow. >> normally we don't have snow until january, february this this is great. everybody gets excited about christmas. >> reporter: in albuquerque temperatures dropped into the single digits almost 30° below average. >> definitely below freezing. i need another sweater, jacket. >> reporter: outside phoenix mountains are dusted with snow in texas, cities are covered in white. >> i had to go for a walk it is so beautiful out here. >> reporter: it may be beautiful, but the weather is causing problems. icy roads continue to wreak havoc. in el paso, drivers dodged
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black ice in springfield, missouri, emergency workers respond today to a half dozen crashes. in washington state, a group of four wheel drive jeep owners rescue drivers. >> these guys came up with the jeeps which was a blessing. >> reporter: winter storm watches are in place up and down the east coast with rain or rain/snow mix expected. tahman bradley, abc news. we are complaining about cold here. >> still warms up nicely in the afternoon here even if we have frost during the morning. picture from dublin this morning thanks to stephen we appreciate him sending in this beautiful picture of some of the frost that followed. amy hollyfield's photo journalist that's a car with thicker frost this morning one of the reasons why temperatures weren't as cool more moisture in the air lead to thicker frost than yesterday. right now looking at sutro,
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can you see the line between the clean air and all the pollution trapped in the lower levels of the atmosphere. when we don't vent it to the central valley it piles up quickly that's why we have the spare the air today. back to the east bay valleysióoñ from vollmer peak youji@3u cannt see most of mount diablogpv evn though it was 10 miles as the crow flies from each other, maybe 15. definitely have some ugly-looking air outside. as far as what is happening, the spare the air, poorest air quality in the north bay valley all of us under the spare the air that means no woodburning unless you want to pay a healthy fine. most of us in the upper 40s to low 50s, mid 50s half moon bay and los gatos. monterey bay 49 santa cruz everybody else as you head inland low to mid 50s. for the afternoon hours spare the air will continue until midnight i'm guessing with the pattern not changing much we
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will be under another spare l
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upper 50s sunshine tahoe 50, 54 yosemite mid to upper 60s, los angeles san diego. tonight mid 30s to low 40s, palo alto 39 low to mid fourties bay shore out to the coast and san francisco 47. first two high pressures then three now we have four the more out there the more like lit storm tracker going to stay well north maybe next week there's a couple of lows that will glance us with a chance of a shower that's about it. it won't do anything to dent our rainfall deficits. average 100%, 46 san jose, 60 san francisco, 66 oakland, mid 50s santa rosa that is not good. here's your seven day, under a spare the air tomorrow, possibly friday i'm sure sandy and spencer will have that information this evening temperatures the same throughout the next couple of days.
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ceremonies are being held in the bay area and around the country today to mark the 70th anniversary of the japanese national guard jets in a missing man formation soared over the attack. 120 attend the ceremony they stood and led the salute as a guided missile destroyer blew its whistle marking exact moment the attack began. lives in the attack that led the u.s. into world war ii. >> each generation has given us the opportunity to stand and recognize noble sacrifice, courage under fire and say thank you one more time. >> president obama hailed the veterans proclaiming today national pearl harbor remembrance day. do presidents age faster than the rest us? the new study suggesting there
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coming up at 5 the public outcry where a student was suspended for calling his teacher cute. new study challenges the common belief that presidents age faster than most other people. before and after pictures of dark haired presidents who quickly turn grey may lead to you believe so. a study shows 23 of 34 presidents who died of natural
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causes lived on average to 78, longer than average. >> that is going to do it0ñ
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